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Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Quarter Finals Group A

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Skyesports Champions Series BGMI

The top nine teams advanced to the semifinals of the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024 after 12 matches in Group A. Leading the pack with 110 points was Entity Gaming. As they advanced to the following round, the all-star group demonstrated their consistency throughout. 69 people were eliminated and two chicken dinners were claimed in the process.

With 85 points, Team XSpark secured the second position. On Day 2, the team rallied, winning their last six games to accumulate 57 points. Day 1’s results had the team in 12th place with 28 points; nevertheless, they advanced to second place overall because to their outstanding achievements today.

We’ll go into more depth about the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024 Quarterfinals Group A matchups on Day 2 in this post.

Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024 Semifinal teams who qualified

Here are the nine teams from Group A that qualified for the Semifinals:

  1. Entity Gaming
  2. Team XSpark
  3. OR Esports
  4. WSB Gaming
  5. CS Esports
  6. Hydra Official
  7. Enigma Gaming
  8. Dragon Esports
  9. Medal Esports

With 48 kills and 79 points, OR Esports took third place. After losing their first six games, the Robin-led team rallied mightily tonight, winning 59 points. The team moved up to third place on the scoreboard, ensuring two Chicken Dinners.

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Two Chicken Dinners and 77 points placed CS Esports sixth in the standings. Making it to the Semifinals, the team performed outstandingly both days. With 75 points, which included 49 frags, Hydra Officials came in sixth.

With 72 points, Enigma Gaming placed seventh. Dragon Esports ranked seventh for 71 Points, thus making a fantastic comeback. After finishing ninth overall with 68 points, Medal Esports, captained by BGMI pro Paradox, managed to book their spot in the Semifinals.

Gujarat Tigers ended with 58 points, not bad for clinching a Chicken Dinner. With 57 points, including 37 kills, Hyderabad Hydras placed 13th in the end. Using 42 and 41 points, respectively, Celsius Esports and Autobotz finished in 15th and 16th position.

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