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IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024 Group Stage Day 2

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IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024

IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024 : Experienced squads like Carnival Gaming, Gods Reign, Team XSpark, and Gujarat Tigers dominated the second day of the IQOO Pro Series Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 2024 Group Stage.

With three chicken meals and 108 points, Carnival Gaming is ranked first on the table. With 71 points and a single chicken meal, Team XSpark came in second. With 63 points, 44 of which came from finishes, Gods Reign finished in third. Gujarat Tigers, with 58 points, finished in fourth place. With 57 points and a chicken meal, Revenant Esports finished sixth.

IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024

Day 2 Match Summary for the IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024 Group Stage

Match 1 : Revenant Esports won the first Erangel match (A vs. B) with a 21-point chicken meal. With six solo finishes, Revenant Esports’ Deepak “Sensei” Negi was named the game’s MVP. OR Esports received 16 points for their aggressive style of play. Gods Reign and Dark Spirits Esports received 8 and 9 points, respectively, and finished third and fourth. With seven points, Team Tamilas finished in fifth position. Alibaba Raiders, Big Brother Esports, TWM Gaming, and Team 8Bit were eliminated without receiving a point.

Match 2 : In the second match at Miramar (A vs. C), Team XSpark scored a whopping 28 points, with 18 coming from finishes. With 10 solo finishes, Team XSpark’s Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo emerged as the game’s MVP. Alibaba Raiders, with 14 points, finished in second place. Hyderabad Hydras scored 12 points with a nice combination of finish and placement points. With ten points, Carnival Gaming finished in fourth place. Team Tamilas earned eight points for finishing in fifth position. Big Brother Esports, Godlike Esports, and Blind Esports were ousted early on with 0 points.

IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024 Group

Match 3 : In the third match, Erangel (B vs. C), Carnival Gaming won a 19-point chicken supper. Medal Esports received 13 points for their skillful rotations. With five finishes, Medal Esports’ Ankit “Topdawg” Mehra earned the match’s MVP. With ten points, AutoBotz Esports finished third. With nine and eight points, respectively, Revenant Esports and Team 8bit came in fourth and fifth. In the first round, without collecting any points, Gujarat Tigers, Team XSpark, and WSB Gaming were eliminated.

Match 4 : Blind Esports won match 4 (A vs. B) in Miramar with 24 points, earning them their first chicken meal of the competition. With five finishes, Blind Esports’ Harshh was named the game’s MVP. Gujarat Tigers earned 13 points and finished in second place. Medal Esports scored 12 points and took third place. With 9 and 8 points, respectively, Big Brother Esports and Entity Gaming came in fourth and fifth. With just one point, the Hyderabad Hydras were eliminated.

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Match 5 : In the fifth Erangel match (A vs. C), FS Esports won 18–0. Big Brother Esports received 12 points for their collective performance and came in second. With ten points, Entity Gaming finished third. With five finishes, Entity Gaming’s Saumya “Saumraj” Raj emerged as the game’s MVP. Blind Esports received nine points and finished in fourth place. Godlike Esports earned six points via finishes and finished in fifth place. Alibaba Raiders failed to earn any points and was eliminated.

IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024 Group

Match 6 : Dark Spirits Esports won a 15-point chicken meal in Match 6 Miramar (B vs. C). Gujarat Tigers won the most points (17), 12 of which came from finishing, despite Dark Spirits Esports taking home the chicken meal. With 11 points, Carnival Gaming came in third. Gods Reign earned nine points via finishes and finished in fourth place. With six solo finishes, Gods Reign’s Pawan “Shogun” Kumar emerged as the game’s MVP. SkullTZ Esports earned nine points for finishing in fifth place.

IQOO Pro Series BGMI Points Table Group Stage Day 2

2TEAM XSPARK18482371
3GODS REIGN08441963
9OR ESPORTS18281947
10FS ESPORTS18321446
14IQOO SOUL18261743
16TEAM TAMILAS08271037

Experienced teams dominated Day 2 of the IQOO Pro Series BGMI 2024, with the top 16 teams advancing to the Grand Finals. Several of the more seasoned teams, like Hyderabad Hydras and Team 8Bit, were ousted from the competition’s Grand Finals after failing to provide steady results throughout the Group Stages.

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