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MobaZane Claims The Valley Will Have an Easy Run in the M4 Group Stage

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Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, the jungler for the North American (NA) team, The Valley, believes that his team will have an easy run in the upcoming M4 World Championship group stage. The team was seeded in Group D alongside Team HAQ, RRQ Akira, and S11 Gaming Argentina. MobaZane thinks that only one team will pose a threat to the NA squad. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Malaysia (MY) Season 10 champion, Team HAQ is the only team that stands in The Valley’s way in the Group Stage. The two contenders RRQ Akira from Brazil and S11 Gaming Argentina will have to prove MobaZane wrong in the upcoming tournament scheduled to kick off on 1st January.

MobaZane thinks only Team HAQ is the main threat for The Valley in the Group Stage of the  M4 World Championship

During the M4 World Championship group draw live stream, MobaZane was interviewed shortly after the team distributions were finalised. 

When asked on his thoughts about Group D, where The Valley was seeded, the pro player confidently stated that it won’t be much of a challenge for them.

“I think we definitely have a pretty easy ride in the group stage,” stated MobaZane.

Group D is composed of Team HAQ, The Valley, RRQ Akira and S11 Gaming Argentina. While MobaZane thinks the contenders in their group won’t be much of a challenge, he believes the Malaysian representative team may pose a threat to the team’s journey into securing a knockout stage spot.

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“Maybe Team HAQ could give us a challenge because they were the Malaysian champions, right?,” said MobaZane. “I think they might be a challenge but the other two teams, I’m not too certain about, Maybe they have to prove me wrong.”

Despite this, the NA jungler confidently stated that his team will have an easy group stage run.

“I think our group stage will be quite easy for The Valley and I think we’ll breeze right through it, to be honest,” said MobaZane.

When asked on which teams may pose the biggest threat for The Valley in the knockout stage, the NA jungler admitted that teams from Indonesia and Philippines will be tough competition for them.

“In the knockout stages, definitely Group A Blacklist [International, Group B is ONIC Indonesia, RRQ [Hoshi], ECHO Philippines, all of these really strong teams, I think they’d be tough competitions for us,” said MobaZane. “We would have to really try our best to overcome them.”