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PMSL 2024 SEA Spring Group Stage: Standings, highlights, and Finals team qualifiers

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On March 10th, the Group Stage for the PMSL 2024 SEA Spring concluded. The top 16 teams advanced to the Finale. Boom Esports dominated the first three weeks. Indonesian team ranked number one in overall scoring with 131 points. In the first two phases, the club had a phenomenal performance.

Vampire Esports has improved in recent weeks, taking the second place in the standings with 123 total points. The Thai team will focus now on maintaining their momentum gained at the Finals.

Pigmy Team was ranked third in the table with 120 points despite their slight performance decline over the past two weeks. RRQ RYU ranked behind them on the fourth place with 118. Yoodo Alliance, from Malaysia, came in fifth place with 110 points. They improved their performance during the second and third week.

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Alter Ego Ares, the defending champions, collected 104 in Group Stage. They ranked sixth. Rosemary was their star PUBG mobile player and she had an amazing performance during the third week. Now, the Indonesian team will try to win the PMSL SEA third edition.

Talon Esports who had entered the PMSL event earlier in 2024 ranked 100th despite a disappointing start. This organization did not qualify for Week 1 finals but made an impressive comeback during the last two week.

Bigetron Clan and Faze Clan ranked eighth and ninth with respective scores of 99 and 98. Geek Fam, a Malaysian team, finished in 14th place with 67 point. VOIN, Morph and VOIN were respectively 15th and sixteenth with 62 points and 49.

Infinity, a popular Thai team, failed to make it past the PMSL Spring and finished 17th with only 34 points. NKT and XERXIA only collected 32 and 19 respectively. Five teams on the bottom of leaderboards didn’t collect any points.

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