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Revenant Esports secured first possition in BGIS 2024 The Grind.

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Revenant Esports secured first possition in BGIS 2024

Revenant Esports secured first possition in BGIS 2024

Revenant Esports won the BGIS The Grind title 2024 after proving their superiority. The powerhouse led by Sensei scored 116 points with an amazing comeback. Aquanox, Fierce punkk and their team performed very well throughout the entire event.

64 of 255 contestants advanced from the Grind on April 28 to BGIS 2024. The top 16 teams have been guaranteed a spot in the final Round. Clubs ranked 17-32 were entitled to tickets for the third round. Second round tickets were reserved for the teams that ranked from 33 to 64.

Team Forever, which just recently added MJ, was consistent in all six matches. Total, they scored 95 total points. Team Soul, the fan-favorite team of The Grind, finished third overall with 93 total points. Hyderabad Hydra, who lost all their games at The Grind, finished with 92 overall points and fourth place.

Everyone watched ESCN and Tense Esports as they finished fifth and seventh with 87 points and 86 respectively. GodLike Esports was in great form, scoring 81 points, and finished eighth.

Mizo finished ninth with 80 points. Global Esports ranked 9th and Cratic 10th. Blind and Team Aaru, with 70 and 69 respective points, were ranked 15th and 16.

The Grind 2024 Overall Standings

WinGod (Ghuso), Hydra, GENxFM Voltx and CS Esports all scored 61 points in The Grind. Entity Gaming, Orangutan Hydra(GENxFM), Voltx and CS Esports received 68. Gods Reign started slowly before making an impressive return. They ranked 33rd overall with 58 points.

Carnival Gaming placed 38th with 56 points. Even though more experienced teams such as Gujarat Tigers Team Tamilas WSB, 8Bit and 8Bit had difficulty in The Grind they were able to still finish among the top 64.

The Xaspark team, including well-known athletes like Sarang, Spraygod Ninja and Spraygod Ninja was unable provide a good performance. The team only managed to score 44 points. The leaderboard ranks the team 72nd. Another experienced squad, Medal Esports, also failed to make the top 64.” Teams who made the top 64 can compete at the BGIS preliminary round 2020 in hopes of making it back.

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