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BGIS 2024 Day 1 Grand Finals

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BGIS 2024 Day 1 Grand Finals

Team Soul claimed a dominant position with 58 points after Day 1 of the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals. Global Esports finished second with 54 points following their strong comeback in the last match of the day. Team XSpark also kept up their consistency in six matches and ended the first day in third rank with 54 points. FS Esports was also phenomenal, grabbing fourth rank with 46 points.

Venom and Team Insane were fifth and sixth with 44 and 37 points, respectively. Reckoning Gaming ranked seventh with 36 points, followed by Team 8Bit with 34 points. Team Aaru and Team Tamilas ensured 29 and 27 points each, while Carnival and MOGO secured 21 points each on Friday.

Day 1 overview of BGIS 2024 Grand Finals

Match 1 – Erangel

The first encounter of the BGIS Finals, held in the Erangel map, was conquered by Venom Gaming with 21 points. Venom and Fantom from the team picked up four and three kills, respectively. Team Insane earned 15 points, while Team Soul claimed 12 points in the opener. MOGO and Team Tamilas were eliminated in the initial circles without any points.

Match 2 – Miramar

The results of this match were not displayed due to technical issues. FS Esports, Csrnival, and Team XSpark were the top three performers there. Team Soul, Venom, and Aaru Gaming had a poor run in this battle.

Match 3 – Sanhok

Team Tamilas played patiently until the end and ensured their first Chicken Dinner of the BGIS 2024 Finals with 15 points. FS Esports added 14 important points to their hand, while MOGO achieved 13 points. Team Aaru clinched 10 points after playing aggressively. Reckoning and Soul gained seven points each.

Match 4 – Vikendi

Team Soul exhibited their top-tier performances and pulled off a 25-point Chicken Dinner. Nakul, Rony, and Spower dismissed seven, four, and four players, respectively. FS Esports once again played nicely and garnered 13 points, while Global Esports took 11 points.

Match 5 – Miramar

Team 8Bit bounced back in the fifth match with a stunning 22-point Chicken Dinner. Venom and Team XSpark accumulated 14 and 11 points, respectively. MOGO and Soul ensured six points each, while Team Tamilas, Insane, and Team Aaru clinched five points each.

Match 6 – Erangel

Global Esports made an exceptional comeback in the last game of the BGIS Finals Day 1 and registered a 25-point victory. NinjaBoi from the lineup grabbed seven eliminations. Team Aaru, Raven, and Reckoning managed 13, 12, and 11 points, respectively. Team Soul took seven points there.

BGIS 2024 Point Tables

#TeamWWCDFIN PtsPos PtsTotal Pts
1IQOO SOUL1391958
3TEAM X SPARK 381654
4FS ESPORTS 222446
8TEAM 8BIT1231134
9TEAM AARU 26531

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