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BGMI Challengers Showdown 2024 Grand Finals Day 1

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BGMI Challengers Showdown 2024 Grand Finals Day 1

On May 28, 16 finalists competed in six matches on three maps. Reckoning Esports was the clear winner with 98 total points. Four Chicken Dinners were won by the rapidly-rising lineup, which included star players Viper (who had 16 and 17 eliminations respectively) and Kaif (17).

Medal Esports, who finished in a distant third place, won one Chicken Dinner. They were consistent throughout the six games. Team 8Bit, who was not far behind in the standings, amassed 44 point thanks to Mighty. GodLike, led by Jelly, had a great run. They finished fourth with 41 and a Chicken Dinner.

Day 1 Overall Standings for the BGMI Challengers Showdown Finals

The overall point table is shown below after 6 matches :

  • Reckoning Esports – 98 points
  • Medal Esports – 51 points
  • Team 8Bit – 44 points
  • GodLike Esports – 41 points
  • Entity Gaming – 41 points
  • Gujarat Tigers – 38 points
  • Global Esports – 38 points
  • Revenant Esports – 29 points
  • WSB Gaming – 27 points
  • Genxfm – 25 points
  • Team Soul – 25 points
  • Enigma Gaming – 25 points
  • Carnival Gaming – 24 points
  • Team XSpark – 20 points
  • Team Tamilas – 14 points
  • THW Esports – 12 points

Entity Gaming was fifth on the opening day with 41 points. They also had 26 kills. Gujarat Tigers led by Shadow took sixth with 38 points, despite their average performance on day one. Global Esports, who had the exact same score as Global Esports on the first day, finished in the seventh place. Beast, a prominent member of the squad, picked up twelve frags.

Revenant Esports, who finished eighth, had 29 points and 20 kills. The Sensei led BGMI must regroup and win its 12 remaining matches in order to finish on the podium. WSB Gaming, Genxfm and other teams also had a good run with scores of 27 and 25 respectively.

Team Soul, a fan favourite, finished 11th on the Day 1 with 25 points. Carnival Gaming was also unable to compete on the first day, finishing 13th overall with 24 points. Team XSpark was left in last place with 20 points. Team Tamilas and THW had 12 and 14 respectively.

The Grand Finals run until May 29, with 12 matches remaining over the following two days. A grand prize cash of Rs 9 lakh is available in the Challengers Showdown. The BGMI final will be broadcast on Upthrust Esports’ YouTube and Rooter channel at 12:30 pm IST.