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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Day 1: Overall standings, highlights, and more

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BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena

Uprising Rivals took first place with 49 points on February 26 in the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena : February Edition. With 45 points, the seasoned team Revenant Esports secured the second position. With 43 and 37 points, respectively, WSB Gaming and Revenant Esports came in third and fourth place. Team Forever and DO OR DIE each received 32 points.

GodLike Esports had a strong start to the competition but struggled in their last four games. Today, the Jelly-led team scored 28 points in five games. With 26 points, Reckoning Esports, under the direction of Punk, came in eighth. After scoring 22 and 13 points, respectively, were Team 8Bit and Team Zero. Gujarat Tigers, with only four points, were ranked sixteenth.

BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Day 1: Overall Standings

Here is the overall leaderboard of Day 1:

  1. Uprising Rivals – 49 points
  2. Revenant Esports – 45 points
  3. WSB Gaming – 43 points
  4. Orangutan Gaming – 37 points
  5. DO OR DIE – 32 points
  6. Team Forever – 32 points
  7. Mystic Esports – 28 points
  8. GodLike Esports – 28 points
  9. Reckoning Esports – 26 points
  10. Team Legacy – 22 points
  11. Alibaba Raiders – 22 points
  12. Team 8Bit – 22 points
  13. Galaxy Esports – 21 points
  14. Aslaa Esports – 18 points
  15. Team Zero – 13 points
  16. Gujarat Tigers – 4 points

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DAY 1 : Overview

Match 1 : Erangel

With 22 points, Orangutan Gaming secured an exciting win in the first game. GodLike Esports was able to secure 15 points. Galaxy Esports and WSB each scored eleven points. Team 8Bit and Gujarat Tigers, two seasoned BGMI outfits, were eliminated without scoring a point.

Match 2 : Miramar

In the second game, DO OR DIE scored a 14-point victory against Chicken Dinner. Under the direction of BGMI star Sensei, Revenant Esports performed well and secured 15 crucial points. Aslaaa and WSB each received eight points, while Team Legacy won ten.

Match 3 : Erangel

With twenty points in the third round, Uprising Rivals won. Revenant scored 13 crucial points in yet another outstanding performance. Ten points were earned by Orangutan Gaming, which included five kills.

Match 4 : Sanhok

In the fourth game, Team Forever scored a shocking 23 points to win. Uprising Rivals and Alibaba Raiders, meanwhile, scored 12 and 14, respectively. With one point each, GodLike and Orangutan were eliminated.

Match 5 : Erangel

In the last game of Day 1, Mystic Esports, an underdog BGMI team, scored a massive 25 points against Chicken Dinner. Seven kills and 11 points were scored by Reckoning Esports. Additionally, Revenant Esports, WSB, and Uprising Rivals all grabbed ten points each.

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