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Blind Esports Eighth in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Group 2

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Blind Esports eighth in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Group 2

Many experienced teams in Group 2 failed to deliver on day two of BGIS 2024 Round 4. Blind Esports was not able to perform at the level expected of their lineup. Aadi and his team placed eighth on the overall leaderboard after scoring 38 points. Due to the limited number of spots available for the semifinals in this group, the remaining teams are forced to compete at the Wildcard Stage.

FS Esports topped the Group 2 standings in BGIS Round 4 (Group 2) with 76 total points. They also won a Chicken Dinner. Chemin, Inspiration, and Magnet were in the top four, with a combined score of 55. All four of the teams from group 2 qualified for semi-finals.

A number of well-known groups, including Big Brother Team Aaru Raven and Team Aaru failed to make the top four. In order to reach the semifinals of the tournament, teams from the bottom twelve groups must do well on the Wildcard stage.

Blind Esports Group 2 performances at BGIS 4th Round

Chemin Esports was the winner of Round 4’s Group 2 opening game. Blind Esports scored only six and lost earlier, without scoring any points for position. Skipz grabbed four victories thanks to 400 damages.

Blind was again challenged in the second match as their lineup only scored three points from eliminations. Magnet Esports defeated them in this game.

Blind managed to score eight points and four kills in their third Sanhok match. The team again fell short of the double-digit threshold. Infected Mushrooms & FS Esports had the two best performances in this battle.

Blind did not manage to score more than six points during the fourth game of the BGIS round 4. FS Esports came out on top in this fight. Infected Mushrooms, INS, Chemin and FS Esports all had a great run during this match.

Blind Esports earned seven points for Match 5 thanks to Harsh’s eliminations. Big Brother Esports ranked first, and Chemin Esports ranked second.

Blind Esports racked up eight points. Aadi and his team had a less-than-stellar performance during their crucial last match in BGIS’ Round 4. Genesis Esports won, and INS & Magnet both impressed their audience.

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