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BGIS 2024: Changes We Need to Know

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is seeing unparalleled expansion, with back-to-back LAN events and several online competitions being held. The Indian esports sector has grown significantly faster since BGMI’s ban was lifted in May 2023. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGIS), India – Korea Invitational, and Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) were the three BGMI LAN events that Krafton was able to successfully arrange in 2023. Another event is anticipated to kick out the 2024 season on a strong note. 

Discussion on  BGIS 2024

During a recent live stream, Mazy discussed BGIS 2024 and stated that there will be big changes.

Scoring system

The first is the scoring system, which will be determined by the meta of the global esports scene. Unlike in past tournaments where teams received fifteen place points for obtaining a chicken supper, teams will now only receive ten. For the teams whose play styles have been predicated on position-based games, this is a big shift.

Zone meta

The second anticipated update is the zone meta, which is once more dependent on the global scene and will alter zone sizes, time, and other aspects.

Transfer Window

The third point isn’t so much a modification as the creation of a new Transfer Window that allows teams to swap or exchange players with other teams

He said that we could anticipate invitations to the BGIS 2024. The Grind event for at least the top 24 teams from the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 competition. The Grind serves as the BGIS tournament qualifying event. Since there was much more competition between Tier 1 teams and up-and-coming teams in 2023, the number of places available for teams to compete in The Grind event was expanded from 128 to 256 teams.

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An intriguing Feature

The player transfer window is one of the intriguing new features of the BGIS 2024 tournament. A number of organizations reported player poaching in 2023, either during tournaments or shortly after the completion of high-profile competitions. The player transfer window is expected to facilitate a seamless passage of players between companies and partially address the issue of poaching.