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RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Grand Finals Day 2

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RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Grand Finals Day 2

The second day of the RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India Champions Gala Grand Finals saw veteran teams like iQOO Soul and Godlike Esports dominate the event.
Rudra “Spower”, Nakul “Nakul”, Sharma and iQOO Soul were the top finishers with 28 and 27 respectively.

The 16 teams competing in the RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Grand Finals are eligible to win a total of INR 6.5 Lakhs.

RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Grand finals Day 2 Match Summary

Hydra Esports took the win in the first Erangel game with 16 points from a chicken dinner. Carnival Gaming came in second with 16 points. Reckoning esports, who finished in third place, displayed an aggressive style of gaming by scoring 11 points. Of those 11, 10 came from finishing. ShikariJOD of Reckoning Esports is named as Most Valuable (MVP) of the match. Orangutan, who recovered well from a poor start to the match, finished in fourth place with 10 points. Team Zero placed fifth with 8 points.

Match 2

In Match 2, Team Tamilas came out on top with a chicken dinner of 19 points at Miramar. Maxyop, of Team Tamilas, was the MVP with four finishes. WSB Gaming took second place with 14 points. Orangutan, which had a 12-point lead at the time of finishing third, maintained that position. Reckoning Esports, Team Aaru and Reckoning Esports all scored nine points. Team XSpark, Revenant Esports and Team Aaru were both eliminated after only a single point.

Match 3

Godlike Esports defeated Sanhok by 21 points in the third match. Tanishk “Admino”, who finished five times, was named the MVP of this game. Hydra Esports came in second with 16 points (10 from finishing). The third-ranked team, Reckoning Esports, received 12 points and showed strong rotations. Carnival Gaming came in at fourth with 8 points. Seven points earned by Team Zero through finishes was enough to earn them fifth place. WSB Gaming’s elimination was premature because they only had one point.

Match 4

Godlike Esports wins match 4 of Miramar with 22 points, a win that makes it four consecutive victories for the team. Jonathan Amaral, of Godlike Esports, was named the MVP for this match. WSB Gaming earned 12 points for finishing in the same place and receiving equal points. Hydra Esports came in third with 11 points. iQOO Soul, with its aggressive gameplay, finished in fourth place. The winning streak of Team Aaru was extended by nine points. Orangutan, Global Esports and Orangutan were all eliminated after scoring one point.

Match 5

Carnival Gaming took the win in this match by scoring 18 points with a chicken feast. Godlike Esports came in at second place with 11 points. WSB Gaming finished in third place with 10 points. Armaan, a WSB Gaming player who scored six points in the finals of the tournament was named MVP. Hydra Esports finished in fourth place with nine points. Medal Esports came sixth with seven points. Team Aaru, and the Hyderabad Hydras both were eliminated with 0 points.

Match 6

In Match 6, Reckoning won with a 25 point chicken dinner. Viper, a Reckoning Esports player who has seven wins in the match, was named MVP. Carnival Gaming came in second with 11 points. Godlike Esports finished in third place with 10 points. The mix was a good one, with a mixture of finishing and placement points. Team Aaru, iQOO Soul, and Global Esports were in the fourth and fifth places, with 8 and 7 respective points. Medal Esports, Global Esports, and iQOO Soul were both eliminated with one point.

RA Esports Champions Gala Grand Finals Day 2 Points Table :

2IQOO SOUL34279121
7WSB GAMING0244569
8TEAM AARU0273764
10TEAM ZERO0183452
12TEAM XSPARK0132942

These teams, along with others like Reckoning Esports and iQOO Soul as well as Carnival Gaming and Godlike Esports dominated the second day of competition. Because they were unable to maintain a consistent performance on Day 2, many of the top teams from the Semi-Finals, such as Team XSpark or Global Esports, fell to the lower half of the scoreboard.

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