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Top 5 SMGs For BGMI

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Top 5 SMGs For BGMI

Top 5 SMGs For BGMI

The famous shooter game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides players with access to a variety of weaponry. Submachine Guns (SMGs) are one of these weapons that has grown significantly in popularity because of its high rate of fire, small size, and effectiveness in close-quarters combat. The top five SMGs in BGMI that may raise your F/D (frag-to-death) ratio and raise your rank will be discussed in this post.

PP-19 Bizon:

PP-19 Bizon BGMI

With a huge 53-round helical magazine, the PP-19 Bizon is a distinctive SMG that sticks out. Players are given the ability to sustain fire thanks to this novel design, which eliminates the need for regular reloads and gives them a major edge in heated firefights. The 9mm ammo and low recoil of the Bizon make it an effective weapon.

The Bizon proves to be a deadly option for battles at close to medium ranges because of its 9mm ammo and moderate recoil. The Bizon is a multipurpose weapon that may also be improved with add-ons like a sight and muzzle. Notably, it has a fair range of 33 yards and a quick rate of fire of 76.



The UMP45 is a trustworthy, adaptable SMG that fires.45 ACP rounds. It is a well-liked option among BGMI players due to its balanced performance at all ranges. The UMP45’s rate of fire of 65 assures a swift sequence of rounds, enabling players to dispatch opponents without delay. 

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Players can keep control of the weapon while firing thanks to the stability rating of 57, which improves accuracy. The UMP45 may also be modified with different modifications to increase its combat potency and adapt to a variety of combat situations.



The Uzi is well-known for its superb handling and quick rate of fire. Due to its mobility in close-quarters combat, this little SMG is especially well suited for players with aggressive playstyles. The Uzi excels in action-packed combat with a rate of fire rating of 71 and a stability rating of 67. However, it only has a 22-yard maximum range and only fires 9mm rounds. Players may add accessories such a longer magazine, a stock, and a muzzle to further increase its firepower.

Tommy Gun:

Tommy Gun BGMI

 Known for its amazing damage output, the Tommy Gun is a potent SMG that fires.45 ACP bullets. Players frequently outfit it with numerous accessories, which improve its base statistics, to maximise its performance, such as a muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and scope. The Tommy Gun is a strong weapon that can be controlled with practice, despite having a rate of fire of 60 and a stability rating of 48 (which may not be the greatest among SMGs). Its consistent hip-fire accuracy, which makes it deadly in action-packed encounters and enables players to discharge a hail of bullets while moving, is one of its significant benefits.


Vector-  BGMI

Known for its high power and fast rate of fire, the Vector is a superb SMG in the BGMI. It stands out from other SMGs because of its amazing steadiness when using 9mm ammo. Its capacity to be fitted with different accessories, including suppressors and longer magazines, further increases its adaptability and makes it deadlier. The Vector is unmatched in its ability to eliminate foes quickly and precisely in close quarters battle. The Vector is one of the most powerful weapons in its class with a stability rating of 68, a rate of fire of 56, and a power of 31.


Choosing the best SMG in BGMI is a personal taste and playstyle decision. Each SMG has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it’s critical to choose the one that best matches your gameplay style. To increase your performance on the battlefield, you must practise and master the handling of your selected SMG. Whether you favour continuous fire from the PP-19 Bizon, adaptability from the UMP45, agility from the Uzi, damage output from the Tommy Gun, or raw power from the Vector. These top five SMGs in BGMI may help you succeed in close to medium-range combat and boost your chances of winning.