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BGMI India Rising Series 2024 Eliminator Week Day 1 standings and match summary

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BGMI India Rising Series 2024

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Eliminator Week, Day 1 of Upthrust Esports India Rising Series 2024, came to an end with veterans controlling the competition. On the first day of competition, the more seasoned squads, such as Gujarat Tigers, Team XSpark, and Global Esports, prevailed.

With 60 points and two chicken meals, Global Esports topped the table. With one chicken meal and 49 points, the Gujarat Tigers finished in second place. Team XSpark earned 33 points and finished third. In fourth place, Team Zero received 27 points and one meal of chicken. Godlike Esports scored 26 points and finished in fifth place.

In the Upthrust Esports India Rising Series 2024, 32 teams will battle it out over three weeks with an INR 15 Lakh prize fund.

One Erangel Match

With 18 points, WindGod Esports won a hen’s supper. Godlike Esports scored 17 points, 12 of which were from finishes, with their aggressive style of play. Medal Esports received 11 points and finished third. With 9 points, Carnival Gaming finished in fourth place.

Two Erangel Match

Gujarat Tigers won a 16-point chicken supper in match two at Miramar. They scored a total of 15 points 10 from finishes, placing WSB Gaming second. Gods of WSB Gaming claimed the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) title with six finishes. Revenant Esports and iQOO Soul tied for fourth place with ten points each. GenxFM Esports earned nine points and secured fifth place. Carnival Gaming and Team Psyche got eliminated without a point in the first round.

Three Erangel Match

In the third match, Team Psyche won a 17-point chicken supper. Gujarat Tigers played with aggression and finished with the highest total of 26 points, 20 of which came from finishes. With eight finishes, Gujarat Tigers’ Vivek “Clutchgod” Horo earned the game’s MVP. K9 Esports received eight points for placing third. GenxFM Esports and Entity Gaming each received seven points for finishing fourth and fifth. With two points, Godlike Esports was eliminated early.

Four Erangel Match

With 22 points in Match 4 Erangel, Team Zero won a chicken supper. Addy from Team Zero finished five times on his own to earn MVP honors. Global Esports with 12 secured the second position. Big Brother Esports with 11points came in third. With nine points from finishes, Team XSpark came in fourth. Reckoning Esports secured fifth place with seven points. iQOO Soul failed to earn a point and got eliminated early.

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Five Erangel Match

Global Esports won a huge chicken meal in match five at Miramar with 26 points. Medal Espoerts earned 12 points after finishing in second place. With seven solo finishes, Medal Esports’ Ankit “Topdawg” Mehra Das earned the match’s MVP. K9 Esports received 11 points and finished third. Godlike Esports earned seven points and finished fourth. Big Brother Esports received six points for placing fifth. In the first round, Entity Gaming was eliminated with no points.

Six Erangel Match

With 22 points, Global Esports won both of their consecutive chicken feasts. XSpark finished in second place with 20 points. With seven finishes, Team XSpark’s Harsh “Spraygod” Malik emerged as the game’s MVP. Marcos Gaming scored 13 points, enough for third place. Team Forever and Gujarat Tigers, with seven and six points, respectively, came in fourth and fifth place. Team Robin with 2 points was eliminated early.

Points for Upthrust Esports India Rising Series 2024 Eliminator Week 1 :

4TEAM ZERO13101727
10K9 ESPORTS0391221
11TEAM PSYCHE1311920
13WSB GAMING0351318
15GODS REIGN0331013
16TEAM ROBIN034812

Along with up-and-coming teams like WindGod Esports and K9 Esports, seasoned teams like Global Esports, Gujarat Tigers, and Team XSpark dominated the event’s first day. Several of the more seasoned teams, such as iQOO Soul and Revenant Esports, position themselves in the second part of the standings because they were unable to put up consistent results.

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