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India may ban BGMI again following cybersecurity division recommendation

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BGMI Ban Again

India may ban BGMI again after cybersecurity section advice.

According to a recent rumor, BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India could be banned soon in India. The cybersecurity division of the country has reportedly suggested that the game should be removed from the list. Since its release, the popular game was in controversy and initially banned in 2021. The game has been unbanned since May 2023. As of the writing of this article, BGMI will not be banned.

In a report by News 18 the Union Government’s Cybersecurity division “recommended that the app be discontinued.” 

A senior official at the agency said that several incidents related to the app have raised the alarm of the authorities.

Data collection via the game could also be a concern, and lead to cyber-attacks. The game servers are located in the US but the agency wants to ensure that data is not moved to servers elsewhere.

PUBG Mobile, which was originally banned for cyber-security reasons, led to the development of Battlegrounds Mobile India a version of the app that is tailored to India. This title, however, was banned by 2021 due to data-sharing violations.

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The information about the report of the Cybersecurity Agency does not originate from official sources within the Union Ministry or Krafton. As such, it should be treated as a rumor.

Is BGMI getting banned again? Possibilities explored

As of the date this article was written, BGMI has not been banned. According to the report mentioned above. however, the cybersecurity agency recommended that the game should be delisted due to several concerns. These issues could spell the end for the mobile battle royale game.

The chances of the game being unbanned a second time are almost zero. Considering that it was banned previously for security reasons and that several criminal acts have marred its reputation.

The unban was a 3-month test approval period. During this time, the Ministry will keep a “close watch” on any other user harm or addiction issues.

According to recent reports, BGMI may face its fate in the coming weeks

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