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GodLike Esports fire BGMI analyst and esports manager

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GodLike Esports fire BGMI analyst and esports manager

After being disqualified from the current Skyesports Champions Series 2024 for ringing, GodLike Esports sacked its BGMI analyst and esports manager. Gill, who was not a member of the team, competed in the Semifinals under the moniker GodL Pookie, which led Skyesports to disqualify the organisation from the competition on March 3.

According to the organiser, throughout the investigation, it was discovered that the player’s account was not actually Zagod’s secondary ID. For the duration of the competition, the team would be disqualified. Following the sixth day of the Semifinals stage, the club was ranked twenty-one.

After being eliminated from the SCS 2024, GodLike Esports acted against its analyst and management. This issue happened because the company’s BGMI staff attended a lot of events, according to the corporation. They shared the following on social media :

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GodLike Esports

“In light of recent events during the Skyesports tournament, we find it necessary to address a situation that unfolded unbeknownst to our upper management. While our team was actively participating in various events, an unfortunate incident occurred involving a ringing case within our organization.”

Effective immediately, The Team Manager and Analyst, is no longer part of Godlike Edports. Our stance remains unwavering: the game should be played with utmost harmony, and all rules must be followed, We apologize to our fans, sponsors, and the esports community for any inconvenience caused.

There hasn’t been much activity in GodLike Esports lately. To strengthen their BGMI team, they just brought Apollo on board. In the 20 games they played in the Semifinals, the Jelly-led team was hoping to make a surprise run in the Skyesports Champions Series 2024. But they were unable to show much promise.

This month, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024, is the main tournament that the organisation will now focus on. A good spot in the forthcoming competition is perhaps the club’s main goal, given they have failed in numerous BGMI tournaments during the past year.

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