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iQOO BGMI India League 2024 Has Been Cancelled Due to Technical Issues.

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iQOO BGMi India League 2024 Cancelled

Due to technical issues, the iQOO BGMI India League has been cancelled. The competing teams had the same internet and audio problems on Day 2 as they had on Day 1. The three-day competition, set to take place in the Noida Indoor Stadium on February 22–24, 2024, had a ₹40 lakh total cash prize pool.. Despite their best efforts, the organizers were sadly unable to fix the problems.

On February 23, at 6:40 p.m., the iQOO BGMI India League 2024 got underway. GodLike Esports won the first match, which took place on the Erangel map, by a score of 19 points. Following that, the teams had the same issues, and the venue was never used for another game.

On February 22, Day 1 was canceled because of internet problems. At that point, the administration decided to just hold 14 games over the last two days rather than 18. However, they were also unable to fix the issues on Day 2, thus they were forced to call off the competition.

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iQOO BGMI India League Teams

The following teams are taking part in the India League :

  1. Entity Gaming
  2. Team Soul
  3. Team Tamilas
  4. Medal Esports
  5. Team XSpark
  6. Blind Esports
  7. Hydra Esports
  8. OR Esports
  9. Gujarat Tigers
  10. Enigma Gaming
  11. Gods Reign
  12. Skulltz Esports
  13. GodLike Esports
  14. Revenant Esports
  15. FS Esports
  16. Carnival Gaming

₹16 lakh was the top prize in the India League 2024, while ₹8 lakh was the runner-up. These teams will now concentrate on their next majors, which include the BGIS 2024 and the Skyesports BGMI Champions, as a result of this event’s cancellation.

The goal of the crowd favorite Team GodLike was to win this event and turn things around. Apollo was added to their iQOO India League BGMI unit. In their first meeting on Day 2, the Jelly-led team performed well, winning the match with nine kills.

Apollo was the game’s MVP with five kills. The team’s next goal is to compete successfully in the Skyesports Champions Series.

One of the strongest candidates to win the India League was Entity Gaming. The Saumraj-led squad has performed well in their most recent competitions, such as the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series.

As they dazzled with their displaying at the ESL event, Team Soul also came into this competition on a high note. It was anticipated that the team will play very well in the India League.

Playing under their temporary IGL Hector was Carnival Gaming. In the first game, the team also claimed seven kills. The recently established group intends to use the next BGMI events to highlight its strengths.

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